How to care for your pneumatic tool

Water in compressed air, dust and dirt can cause wear on parts.

  • Oil tools regularly – 1-3 drops daily through the air inlet is usually enough.  Over oiling won't damage the tool but may cause skipping due to clogged parts.
  • Use the correct air tool oil.  Incorrect oils are often detergent based with additives which can swell, dry and crack orings.
  • After use, store the tool with its nose in the air – allowing the oil to drain to the body of the tool.
  • For extended service life, use the minimum amount of air pressure neccesary to drive the fastener properly.  This will vary with fastener length and material density.


How to care for your compressor

  • Store the compressor upright.  If it falls over, check the oil level before using.
  • Don’t run long leads to the compressor.
  • Drain water from the compressor regularly.


Why does my Paslode gun fire intermittently?

  • Check the expiry date on the fuel cell.
  • Check that you have the correct metering valve on the fuel cell:
  • Yellow = Finishing Nailer/Bradder
  • Red = Framing Nailer​​